Mom’s last wish was to die in peace at home and return to the Other Side. As far as we know, her wish was granted.


Award winning author Suzie Daggett shares her reflective, emotional moments while caring for her mom in her final days. Candid and transparent, this poignant, first-person account follows a reluctant, inexperienced caregiver as she navigates the unknown territory of a dying parent .


Transcending the ordinary telling of a loved one’s death, The Pink Door will keep readers engaged and hopeful –  even those who fear the final journey of dying.

The Pink Door

Mom's Journey to the Other Side

Discover what your Soul needs...

...and your Ego wants

From Ego To Soul is a delightful discovery of how your life can be enriched and your spirit rewarded when you begin to understand both the wants of your ego and the deeper needs of your soul.


In her grounded, easy to understand manner, author Suzie Daggett explains life from the quiet point of view of the soul, helping you to gently overcome the confusion and restrictions of your ego mind. 

PEARLS ~ 52 Contemplative Insights 

Practical life advice & timeless spiritual wisdom from Suzie Daggett.


Available at

Dear Source is a chat with the Divine essence in grounded, 

soul-inspired language. This unique blog shares inspiration and guidance from Source energy to life’s spiritual questions.



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