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My Spiritual Resume


My cultural and spiritual lineage is a blend of mystic Latin Catholic mixed with strict German Catholic. By my twenties, these teachings did not reflect my deeper beliefs, and I morphed into the world of transformation and self-awareness with a heavy sprinkling of intuition, which I live my life by. 

I have very little linear schooling in any one faith, nor any specific structured belief or teachings. Eclectic, I borrow from many traditions and faiths. I strongly feel there is not one way to live in this human world, rather, our lives are designed to find our strongest voice and deepest connection to Source.


My spiritual journey started when I was 12 and had a lovely nanosecond visitation from what I believe was an angelic voice, saying: “all you are being taught is not for you.” As you can imagine, I had no idea what that really meant, who delivered it, or why. However, this message gave me the freedom of choice to discover what information is right for me, what my deep beliefs are, why am I here, what my soul purpose is and why I act, think, and feel the way I do.


Thank you for tuning in, learning, growing and being the best you can be. May Source be with you…


A Few Practical Business Applications


I created and produced The Insight Directory of Healing Arts Practitioners and I had the great opportunity to produce events through Insight Lectures for creative thought leaders including Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, Sylvia Boorstein, Denise Linn, David Whyte, Bruce Lipton, Sonia Choquette, Byron Katie, Alberto Villoldo, and Dr. Jean Huston among others.


I have interviewed a variety of healers on local TV and radio. Perhaps because of this exposure to healing arts and transformational experts, I look at the wide lens and am an expert at very little. I know what is in my heart, which I tend to verbalize as I live my truth. I hope you do the same.

Above all be kind to yourself and others...

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