photo by barry shapiro

A Gentle Dialogue between Soul and Ego


Imagine two friends with very different points of view discussing life events – one comes from the heart and soul and the other from the mind and ego. Please meet Clare & Posey.


Clare is my highest and most engaged soul self and Posey is my bossy ego mind. They both are important to everyday living, however, sometimes it feels like Posey takes over and Clare cannot be heard.


When I am in a normal outer mode,  Posey is in charge…she is my ego voice, the dominate messenger who keeps me contained, fearful, safe, doubting myself, worried what the pubic will think of me, convincing me the public does not care, helping me find many, many distractions to keep me from deep spiritual work.


Clare is that small still subtle voice that lives in my intuitive heart and gives me answers that sometimes do not make sense, but are so right on. She is the one who encourages, prompts, opens me up, fills me with gratitude, is aware, engaged with spirit and ready to go at all times. No stopping Clare!


Receiving her valued information is a spiritual tool that I continue to practice. In Conversations, I chat with Clare & Posey to see who is driving the boat, who is inspiring me. I discover if I am living my deepest truth or avoiding a dose of reality.


My fondest desire is to overcome the doubt, to be able to find my core inner awareness and truth without reserve, to know Clare is right there no matter how much Posey pokes her nosey nose into my head. But, I am full of human frailties, and to really listen to Clare, Source energy, angels, or my guides takes such spiritual awareness that sometimes, I take the back seat and do nothing.

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