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Who the heck is Source anyway?


Known to many as God, the Universe, Divine, Creator, All That Is, Jesus, Buddha, The Mother, Allah, and more, Source is every molecule of every fabric of life itself – soul – emotions – mind – physical – material. Everything we do, say, think, be, act or react to, good bad or indifferent is a part of Source energy.


Source is absolutely everything from a coffee cup to a dog to a grandma to an airplane to a book to a river to the air to our food to our cars to our dense physical bodies. Above all, Source is the space in our soul and spirit encouraging us to grow towards LOVE. That’s the beginning and end of Source….LOVE.


Bottom line? Awareness of Source energy helps to live an optimal life. When every moment can be traced to either our soul working with Source or our ego wanting to protect us from perceived dangers, we can make loving life decisions. Source energy lives and thrives in our soul, heart, spirit, intuition and creativity. It is part and parcel of our earthly ego needs and wants. To balance this soul ~ human life is to be aware of how Source is part of us.


Why talk to Source?


In my Dear Source conversations, my soul and ego interact to investigate which part of myself I am operating from. How I can be the best me rather than just a human robot moving about time and space? My posts on soul and human-interest stories are presented in a grounded soul inspired non-dogmatic manner for easy to understand life lessons. .


February 12, 2018

Dear Source….it has been a rough two weeks of forbearance with the ugly flu and complete lack of energy. I use the word forbearance since it popped into my head as I started to turn the corner towards health. During my time on the couch, I had to give up any idea of eating, moving, thinking or doing. I could just lie there with no agenda except the vague idea of getting better. This flu is one of endurance and patience. If I got up feeling energized, it lasted for a few minutes to a few hours, then back to Netflix, the only media I could tolerate. My brain could not hold a sentence from a book or magazine. The idea of a shower wa...

January 25, 2018

Dear Source…perhaps it is because I am ‘of an age’, that nearly every conversation I am having with friends and acquaintances begins with: “when do we start to consolidate; where do we go once we have only what is needed for our household; how do we even consider this big change for our next act”? It seems endemic that our society has too much of everything from a house too big to three or four sets of dishes, to books, sports toys, to a closet overflowing with items which never see the light of day. We are stuff collectors and at some point, someone (perhaps our children, perhaps not) will need to be masters of disposal. Or, we...

January 5, 2018

Dear Source…emotional energies are all over the place. Rather than harmonious moments, I am observing emotional edginess being played out with intense dramatic drama. When drama is highlighted it may be an overwhelmingly acidic, tense and uncomfortable time, wrought with confusion.  A look at our political arena, our family and friend’s and our personal life will begin to show how and where negative emotional energy is focused. People may be blaming others allowing their anger patterns to show up. Feelings of sadness, neglect, hurt, lack of confidence plus a myriad of other factors long buried begin to surface. Barbs, victimhood...

December 31, 2017

Dear Source…I am more than happy to kiss 2017 goodbye! The dark energy for this past year has been tangible, sadly real, and in some cases deadly. Watching news feeds where too many people passed in their youth, where countless natural disasters changed lives in a second, where man-made wars pitted neighbor against neighbor, where families could not converse because common ground was destroyed, where the deep heartache of pain and suffering of family and friends became all too real, where what is counted on for security is sucked out of life, and where the dark almost overwhelmed the light. Yet, with the dawn of the day tomorrow,...

October 10, 2017

Dear Source…In our area, there have been many friends who passed too young and now, fires are active in many locales, plus countless national and international tragedies. How do we settle our nervous energy and stress to cope? We may offer a pasture for horses, bedrooms for friends, TP, toys or food for shelters, money to support organizations along with endless prayers and kind thoughts. But, still, there is an undercurrent of “too much, too soon”. We feel overwhelmed with our sadness and confusion. The energy is jangled, crazed, and off center.

What can you do to even out the nervousness accompanying death, natural disasters, an...

September 25, 2017

Dear Source…the honoring of a dying elder helps them cross over when they are ready. They feel held, loved and appreciated. One of your caregiving jobs is to listen to their needs and desires during their last weeks on earth, putting your ideas aside. Even if your elder wants to wear their ratty old jammies instead of the soft new ones you just bought. Mom made it clear she wanted us to spread her ashes with Dads’ who preceded her by eight years. She had been clear about who got what family treasures years ago. As she was in the active stages of passing (and this can happen quickly or slowly), she wanted the house quiet, her cat...

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