Above all be kind to yourself and others...


Thursday, August 21, 2014  


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Adi Shakti Center    

6717 Valmont Road   Boulder, CO  80301


$18 in advance /  $20 at the door


(Please bring a journal or notebook and pen)


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Creating Optimum Life Choices

presented by Suzie Daggett and Nancy G. Shapiro   

How and why do you make life-affirming choices?


Does your heart lead the way, or do your thoughts determine your destiny?


What changes when you're in tune with your Intuitive Voice?


Is balance possible?


In this fun interactive forum, Suzie will facilitate a discussion on: 

  • The Intuitive Process – 4 Components to Living Intuitively

  • Introducing Clare & Posey - how to determine who is talking  

  • Why inner listening leads to ease and grace


Nancy will facilitate an embodied deepening to: 

  • Name and get to know your inner personalities

  • Recognize how you hear, feel, see or know your Intuitive Voice


Plus time for sharing and Q&A from participants. 


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Come play, laugh, learn and balance with us!





Nancy Shapiro is the author of Tilting Toward Chaos: Finding Calm in the Midst of Change. As a coach, writer, and Advocate of Calm in the face of transitions, she shares tools and practices that bring about the spirited Calm of clarity, compassion, and choice.  


Suzie Daggett, The Intuitive Mentor, is the author of PEARLS~ 52 Contemplative Insights.. She is a writer and consultant, and speaks about everyday soul human interactions and the Intuitive Process to elevate and enliven our life experiences.  

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