CLARE & POSEY: Anxiety

February 21, 2014

Dear Clare & Posey,


I am having some issues with general anxiety. Can you explain how I can understand this situation?




From my soul perspective, I see that you are feeling ungrounded and upset that life seems to be passing you by. You feel like you made mistakes in the past, which you feel are controlling your later adult years. This is an illusion, as every mistake or success is a life learning for you. And, now, you have the power to make of your life as you wish, no matter your age.


To break this anxiety syndrome and get back to your peaceful nature, take a moment each day for at least two weeks to focus on someone or something that has brought you joy and peace in your youth. Perhaps a grandma, friend, your mama, a sweet pet, a teacher you adored. When you can see, sense or feel that person or animal’s energy, sit with it and let the peace surround you. Stay with this image using your breath to focus and remember. I am always here for you – when you experience peace be grateful. That alone invites me deeper into your essence.




From my ego perspective, anxiety is a reflection of turmoil, fear and nervous response to a situation.


I suggest you take a pill, go to therapy or exercise to reduce the potentials of an anxiety attack. You could look at your beliefs and thoughts to see where they are stuck. My guess is you are focusing on the past or future (my expertise!), and not the present.


My job as your ego is to alert you to moments of anxiety so you can be protected and safe. If you choose to venture into your inner senses, do it with alert attention in the present.


I will do my best to be there for you, but remember, I am more about the past problems or future failures. Your soul essence is more of the present moment kinda gal.

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