April 7, 2014

Dear Source…


I have been hearing too much about the getting older discourse. It turns out that some people do not like their bodies, minds or hearts as they move past a certain point in their lives. That point can be anywhere on the aging scale, but it seems to hit between 60 and 70 with frequency and the real discovery that they will die. So far, my healthy state of mind, body and spirit has kept me feeling youthful. I attribute some of this to my daily inquiry into my soul’s journey. A recent diagnosis could have brought me down, but instead, it brought light to some interesting old memories. My deep belief is that our bodies are designed for health and wellness. Our earthly job is to discover if we agree with that premise and find the way to heal our particular body and soul. I thank you for helping me stay the course of discovery – it sure helps when needed! Thanks so much, your healthy old friend, Suzie…

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