DEAR SOURCE: In control of letting go

May 22, 2014

Dear Source…I have a bitchy human based complaint – it is about this letting go process.  My mind is so fraught with circular negative thinking about a very small insignificant issue and I know I need to let it go and allow the process of life to float around me rather than engineer an answer or control an outcome. Really, this is just a little thing, but since it woke me up in the early morning, thus depriving me of my sleep, which I adore, I get a bit bitchy. So, I apologize for not using some of my learned and known tools and letting my crazed mind direct my actions. Urrrggghhh! Sometimes it is just odd being a human when you want to be a soul. I am practicing, that’s for sure. Thanks again for the opportunity to grow, Suzie…

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