The “P” word

June 18, 2014

Dear Source…I think you know what I am talking about when I say the “P” word…Patience! Yes, for me, being patient in this life and body/mind is a real steep learning curve. I am an off to the races kinda gal, and I rarely stop long enough to see if a) I am in the race; b) there is a race; or c) if this race is of any importance. However, I think I am getting a grip on this life lesson just a bit. I am consciously slowing down, listening to my intuitive soul and I have learned to recognize when I am reacting out of old boring tired patterns or if it is imperative to start moving fast with awareness. So, the “P” word is a big helper for me to sit, contemplate, think a bit before acting, check out old or new realities, recognize there are many ways to just BE in this wonderful world. I do so appreciate the opportunity to grow with soul awareness – many thanks!  Suzie…

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