Soul needs or Ego wants?

June 25, 2014

Dear Clare & Posey,


Can you help me distinguish between what my soul needs and what my ego wants? This is so confusing!  Who do I listen to?


Clare: Your soul has certain needs dictated by what you are here to learn in this particular life sequence. You may need to learn love or compassion or patience or kindness or happiness or letting go or forgiveness or distance from trauma or drama or what makes you tick or who you are. The list is endless!  


You are in this human form living with all the particulars of your body, mind, ego, spirit and soul. What makes you extraordinary is the particular mission you are on right now, in this moment. 


Can you take time to feel into your heart when you are in the midst of a disagreement or a co-creation? If you can, you may begin to notice that when you are open and expansive, you are settled into your soul’s energy. If you find you are closed, eyebrows knitted, hands clenched, you have popped into a defensive position, which is in the mind/ego arena. Take a moment to reflect on what your soul really needs in the moment. It may be love and compassion, empathy, a breath to move you out of fear. Would you feel better if you were aware and alert to your soul? You always have a choice to do what is right and kind.  If your conscious awareness is in the present moment, you will find yourself operating in your inner world with ease and grace.




Ah, this is the eternal question for all of mankind to address. And, I will do it from my point of view.  As you know, I reside in the ancient limbic brain where I worry constantly about tigers eating you. We are in the 21st Century, so that image is not relevant, but your reactive brain still believes you have to be on high alert from all possibilities of danger – you know, the ole fight or flight syndrome.


Your soul is ethereal and does not always deal with these day-to-day fear situations. It wants you to grow with awareness. I want you to be safe, thus, I will keep you sheltered and remind you to pay attention to all the outer cultural and familial dictates that run your mind. You know that loop that says: “you better do it this way or something bad will happen.” Or: “ really, you want to test out new ground – you know you are not good enough for that job.” You see, I, your ever present and very loud ego want to protect you. I want you to listen to outside influences rather than you own inner knowledge. But, what is best for you, and I will bet Clare will agree, is to be alert to both of us. We serve you differently, but we do serve you.


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