The dying proces

July 3, 2014

Friends…I have been ruminating on the dying process and would love your thoughts. My beliefs (coming from my soul via Source energy) are that we pass to another spot called heaven or home. We do not really die, we just leave our earth body and return to our soul where we are still lively surrounded by love from Source. So, if this is the case, why o' why is there so much fear and consternation around dying?  Why do these earthly bodies hang on with such inner strength even with a weak body? Do you feel that it is the physical act of dying itself (which may be painful) or is it the worry that if we feel we did something “wrong” in this life we will be punished in the next?  Some people who have had Near Death Experiences proclaim a vibrant world of peace and love. What are your thoughts? Do you feel your time of death will be full of angst or peace? I am consciously choosing peace because that feels right to me. No hell, no purgatory, no worries – those are strictly earth thoughts which poof as soon as your last breath. Let me know if you agree or what you believe. Thanks so much! Suzie…


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