Science or Beliefs?

July 10, 2014

Friends…today I was the receiver of a medical doctor’s knowledge of a situation I have, as well as a chiropractor’s knowledge. Both have very different points of view about healing and wellness, as do I.  I find it fascinating that the pure science approach does not allow for or even want to know anything about a mind-body-spirit orientation (most have their eyes, ears and heart completely closed). Their lens and what they have been taught is to look only at the part and how a pill or surgery can relieve pain. I am pretty vocal to both the medical doctor and chiropractor regarding my beliefs about my body’s ability to heal.  I find I align more with the chiropractor, who is curious, open and receptive to a vast variety of ways to heal. This could include past life issues, emotional stirrings, energy blocks, etc. That being said, I may also agree to use a pharmaceutical to calm the pain I am experiencing. The benefits of science are wonderful and life saving, but first, I choose to understand the ramifications on many levels to my body and soul. This is an interesting journey into the world of pain relief – I hope I find the key to healing, as I hope you do if you are suffering. Please let me know your experience and share this with your friends!  Suzie…



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