Unattractive Thoughts

July 11, 2014

Dear Clare & Posey,

I have been having some unattractive thoughts come to me. They seem to settle in a negative dark red area of my brain. I want to shake them out, what can I do?


Clare: This is a very common occurrence when you become aware of the power of your thoughts. As your soul, I congratulate you on your inner awareness!  I want you to have these thoughts so you can remember who you are at the deepest level. I want you to experience how powerful you are as you learn to change your story, thus your mind.  I want you to be an expert in this bountiful adventure of love and change in this human life. You may recognize yourself as a part of Source and full of love - this is the ultimate goal.


As you watch unwanted thoughts settle in your mind, know that in that exact moment of the thought, you have a choice.  Either keep the dark controlling unwanted idea, or speak directly and clearly to it. Ask it to leave as you replace it with a higher vibration thought.


This is the practice, over and over and over. If you can do this with attention, awareness, grounded love for yourself, you can and will change your story, and the dark red area will be lighter and clear. We applaud you for your mastery. Keep at it, especially when you find it very easy to dip into the dark and stay there. Remember, there is always light at the end of a tunnel, always.


Posey: I really do not mean to be a scrooge in this negative arena, but this is part of my job. As your ego mind, I work very hard to keep you safe, to find places where fear becomes the go to place, to keep you from experimenting with change, to keep you from coloring out of the lines.


Now, that is not always negative and dark as Clare supposes, but it can be a place where you can become stuck. I rely on having you remember and relive old patterns learned from your family, society, culture, workplace or the home environment to keep things on the same plane. I am not comfortable with change, thus I do not encourage you as Clare does to consciously delve into new patterns of thought and behavior.


If a thought is unattractive to you, my ego world would like to know why. We would like you to investigate with your thinking not feeling brain. We would want you to know that most of society is in your predicament and chooses not to change. Why do you feel you need to? We will protect you, keep you safe even with negative dark images floating around your brain. It is your choice in the end…staying safe with your contained ego mind or trying and maybe failing with your creative soul mind (see how I put a bit of fear in you with that last statement!)

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