Social media conflicts

August 29, 2014


Dear Clare & Posey...Someone on my social media page is sending information and photos that are uncomfortable for me to view or read. I do not want to un-friend or upset her, but I do not want to be appraised of her life. What can I do?


Clare: This is a new social phenomenon in which odd bits of someone’s life ends up in your energy field. First off, how does that make you feel? If you feel uncomfortable, if you feel repelled by the photos or text, if you feel overwhelmed by her posts or others, that is a sign that the information is not for your eyes or ears. You can hide her as a friend and she will not know, thus not be offended. Secondly, if the busyness of a friend or organization is too much for you, remember: you are the only one in control of your time, energy and space. Only you can decide what you focus on.


Social media is remarkably similar to meeting people at a gathering, a meeting or the market. Some people you will naturally gravitate to and enjoy their essence, some you will instinctively move away so you will not interact with them.  Energy is energy, some good for you, some not so good. Your soul work is to be alert to what you need to know to grow with love and kindness, to recognize when you are in a reactive manner or when you need to slim down the outer world and be protective of your personal space and energy. It takes conscious awareness to stay within your soul zone. Whatever you choose has a teaching tucked in beside the action or reaction.


Posey:  I agree with Clare as to the newness of this issue, and I agree that un-friending someone may be the best course of action.  My question is why does it bother you? Are you offended by new information or are you squeamish by distasteful items? Either way put up your armor, as Clare suggested. Or, use my way, which is more direct – confront the person or make a comment reflecting your displeasure. Let them know the information is out of your comfort zone. Ask them why they think they need to share it with others.


Remember, as humans, each of us is out for our own piece of turf. We want to protect what we think is right, what is most important to us and sometimes we tend to push our prideful opinions on unsuspecting audiences, especially in social media. This makes us feel important, like a colorful strutting peacock.  We like to think our views of the world are more important than others and that they are interested in our every thought and action. Be brave – either unfriend, or confront, depending on your mood. This will not go away, you just need to find your way to manage it. Good luck.

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