Life changes

September 15, 2014

Dear Source…I know you – I know your energy and your creative genius, but, I am human enough to think I know better than you. Yes, that I right – you the creator, the essence, the energy of all, and I know better! Ha! Remember when we did not plan on having kids – we felt we had been together in previous lives with children. Since it was the 70’s and for the first time, women were in control of their lives, we figured we would sit this one out and not have kids. And then boom…at 40 (after 18 years of marriage) I had one darling and then another at 45. You were so right! Our kids are just the most marvelous beings and we love them and they love us – including our fabulous daughter in law. That is just one very big, life changing example where indeed you knew what we needed, found the way to my heart and soul and introduced us to a new way to live. Thy will be done really is the deepest prayer, even if my stubborn human self tries so hard over and over to do it my way. I love that you keep introducing me to better ways to be, better ways to live a more authentic life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart (which you created!), Suzie…


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