October 23, 2014


Dear Source…well, you really got my attention this time. A dream I had brought me to a new understanding. I woke up knowing for sure that I needed to say no to an opportunity that had come my way. Darn! I like that gig – but you made it energetically extremely loud and clear that following that path was not in my best interest. I have made arrangements for someone else to do it and now, I await your prompts. I am ready to do your will rather than my will – the new moon in Scorpio helped push me over the will battle. I promise to listen, learn, be patient, follow the heart directed waves and see where you are leading me. I assume it will be fun and engaging? See, there I go trying to control once again. Sigh! I will really try to be a passenger and let you do the driving. Surprises will no doubt come my way. Many thanks for the clever way you show up in my life and many others…your friend, Suzie…

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