Seatmate - 2

December 11, 2014

Dear Source

I wrote about seatmate -1 in a prior post. The flight got even more interesting as seatmate – 2 overheard my conversation and asked about the soul and ego interchange – my favorite conversation!  So, I chatted about my ideas of the soul’s need versus the ego’s wants and some intuitive ideas. He in turn, told me a story he called “weird”. He was at a party with his wife when he saw an acquaintance whose husband had passed a few years before. She was with a date and his first (Intuitive) thought was: ‘She should not be with him.’ He thought no more about it until after his wife also passed and he started dating the acquaintance. He has no idea why he is attracted to her, he just is – and she also is drawn to him. I explained about what I call soul vignettes – where you see the movie of this lifetime from the other side and then, when you are here, you recognize the moment. I also suggested he consider that moment as ‘remarkable’ rather than weird. Because it is so fabulous when you realize spirit is with you at all times and your job as a soul here on earth is to recognize the moment, give deep thanks and become more aware of your connection to Source. Again, I thank you Source for allowing me to be part of a enlivened conversation that helped someone put context in his newly conscious life, Suzie…


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