June 25, 2015


Dear Source…when you have a dream or desire, a myriad of potentialities within you exist to surface into reality. For instance, if you are a musician and desire to be on the big stage, there is a picture in your head of what it will look like, a feeling in your heart of what it will feel like and endless possibilities of how it may come about. You do not know. The operative word is may…we dream and scheme, but we do not know what our soul is reaching out for or needs for growth. I see potentialities as countless funnels of energy existing in a persons’ field - that invisible place of vibrational lines of consciousness connected to universal light and Source energy. It is the place where intention and attention are activated. Each of us carries many potentialities to create what we desire. However, only some of the potentials will activate to this world of three dimensions. Your soul needing to experience life as a musician on the big stage may experience it. Your soul may also dream big, but the dream will not manifest. Potentialities are examples of soul work in action. Suzie…


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