Que Sera, Que Sera

August 15, 2015


Dear Source…this song from the mid 50’s is replete with kind advice for anyone wishing to live in the moment rather then try to create their future. I find it a beautiful spiritual message. The lyrics say over and over: “the future’s not ours to see, what will be will be.” This core essence of letting go of any and all future expectations is a keen teaching. When we are comfortable allowing You to be the one who is guiding us, moving us forward or backward, handing us surprising gifts of love and kindness, allowing our crazy minds to stop for one moment to admire a sunset, to be present to conversations rather than engaged in our cell phones, to watch with amusement when what we planned goes sideways, to find evidence of how our inner selves cope with change and so on. We keep thinking we can plan for the future when in reality, only the present, this very moment is what is real. When we can see that concept with grace and awareness, we have understood “what will be will be.” No need to fret, worry or overthink this life…live this moment! Suzie…

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