Dad Memories

August 26, 2015

Dear Source…Sitting in my outside office, the wind suddenly blew directly and sweetly to me. This is a key reminder of my dad and I always say “Hi Dad” as I think of his kind love. Many people have certain symbols, signs or keys to remind them of a loved one. Mine is wind. Some might spot a penny, see a certain flower, smell a fragrance, hear a song or suddenly feel sad or happy for no reason. Whatever comes to you as your symbol to trigger memory is special. Embrace it! Dad’s signal came to me when we were doing a family honoring to him on a mountain in the Pyrenees of Spain shortly after he passed. The air was very quiet, but as we finished our sharing, a lovely strong burst of fresh air swept over us. We all agreed Dad was with us and loved our ceremony. The wind then became my symbol. It never fazes me how appropriate it is when the wind comes and how much I appreciate the moment of touching into his energy. Thank you for these gracious reminders of the love that continues from one plane to another, Suzie…

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