It’s TIME to release old stuff…

September 23, 2015

Dear Source…this equinox is a perfect time to release any sticky engrained thoughts and beliefs keeping us in doubt and confusion. It is a time to give birth to our true self, not that circular mind which keeps us from moving towards your light. Our souls need to find courage and perseverance to make solid changes, not just willy-nilly pretend movements towards our inner being. This is not wishing something away, rather, choosing another belief to replace the stuck mantra. It takes high desire to want to be light filled rather than enveloped by the dark; it takes nerve to continually interrupt old thoughts with a new thread of a positive note; it takes trust to live with your beliefs rather than caving to mindless thoughts. Today I wrote a message on a leaf and buried it in the garden. My message to You was to remember I am always supported by Source energy and my family, no matter what. I hope everyone can create their own ceremony encouraging change towards light and higher purpose. Isn’t that why you put us here on earth? Suzie…

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