Suddenly gone

October 23, 2015

Dear Source…I am seeing and hearing about many people in their middle years who are passing with no warning, perhaps a sickness, but not a death sentence, just gone in an instant. It is very shocking because these people were vital one minute and with their final breath, they were in your arena. What’s up? Is it just their time or is there something deeper or even cosmic going on? Of course, you know what the deal is, but those of us here on this earth plane are pretty confused and some quite bereft and undone by losing their mate, parent or friend. These passing’s spur spiritual questioning.  What can those of us left here do to help the families? Why did they die rather than someone who has lived a long full life? Am I next? Am I living life well? Did they do something wrong or think negative thoughts? Were they ready to go and we did not know it?  Why couldn’t we help? The questions are endless, the answers futile. My only thought is we can drop into a compassionate state and pray for the families and help when needed. Individually, it may be wise to recognize our own mortality and live our lives each day with a loving heart and kind awareness. Perhaps that is enough.  Perhaps that is all we can ever do. Suzie…

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