It is not easy

October 30, 2015

Dear Source…I am hearing from clients, students and friends that life here on this earth plane is just not easy. Not easy at all, in fact it is downright uncomfortably hard. We are a culture of quick fixes wanting an aspirin to relive the heartbreak of grief, or a drug to help the ego mind from being so darned obsessive, or a pretty pill to cure a physical ailment. As You know, none of the above will work for true soul healing. The only thing that may assist to promote healing from grief, a over busy mind or broken body part is to sink into the heart, find a place of solace, get to know what the soul wants and needs and pray or meditate to whatever life force is appropriate. As souls, we are here to grow towards the light of love and all we do not understand. There just is no magic bullet to ease suffering. There is patience and love and kindness to one’s self and others to help navigate the pain. There is the possibility of getting to know and love our inner world. There is connection to the tenderness within one’s individual soul and there is conscious awareness of living in the moment including understanding our mental, emotional or spiritual choices. This is growth – it may be slow, it may be tedious, it may be fraught with confusion and it may be magnified by unusual magical moments. My deep desire is to see suffering eased for all, and I know, that is Your deep desire as well, Suzie…

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