I Am...

November 13, 2015

Dear Source…getting to know my inner soul world is rich and rewarding. Even with sadness, grief and lost opportunities, I am still me. Even when the sun shines bright and all goes well, I am still me. Even in the face of necessary changes, I am still me. I am…

I am complete

(kind of)

I am aware


I a soulful

(when I pay attention)

I am human

(only for a short while)

I am bossy

(when I forget I am a soul)

I am my ego

(more often than I like)

I am happy

(around my family)

I am sad

(knowing people are suffering)

I am satisfied

(when I write a good sentence)

I am surprised

(when a stranger writes a kind kudo)

I am patient

(ha! still working on that one)

I am undone

(when I hear a friend has passed)

I am proud

(of my family’s life creations)

I am grateful

(for all I experience)

I am love

(when my open heart spills over)

I am my soul


Thank you for the constant awareness and lessons, Suzie…

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