Trust, Believe & Allow

December 1, 2015

Dear Source…I am being tested to see if I can move from the fear of the unknown to a tender place of trust. It is not an easy journey for my mind in fact, it is unnerving because I am so used to thinking I am in control. It is not painful, except for my bruised ego, which wants to see some action, some forward movement, and relief from the waiting game. My soul is directing me to believe all is right and in Divine Order rather than my perceived thoughts of order. I am to allow the process to unfold without angst, worry, regret, folly or despair. This puts me in a bit of a nervous but empty mode at the same time. I want what I want when I want it and You know best because it is not appearing right this moment – I am paying attention, but I get stuck in the human “I want it right now” mode. I am allowing the process to unfold with grace and trust. Thank You for the lesson, again and again, Suzie

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