February 10, 2016

Dear Source…one of my neighborhood walks involves crossing a ditch with much needed water for those down hill. The ditch I cross has one permanent crossing and one that is a short cut. Over the years, the short cut crossing has been put up, taken down, put up, taken down, put up and taken down yet again. It is always a surprise if the short cut is crossable. Yesterday a new hand-made bridge was up again. And someone was making a dent to destroy it again. This is tenacity. I do not know who builds or who destroys. I am a neutral watcher and grateful user. Once, I left a note of appreciation to the builder because I like to test my balance on the sometimes awkwardly built bridge and always appreciate it leading me home. I know this bridge creation and destruction is a reflection of life. Building and destroying over and over; taking ownership over a strip of land; proving what is right (according to either the builder or destroyer); keeping turf safe and secure. I do not know the personalities involved in this dispute, nor why they are so persistent and tenacious in proving their point of view. What I do know is this tug of war will continue just like families, governments and nations unless an avenue of open communication and willingness to work together for the good of all is found. Suzie

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