Spiritual or Religious?

February 23, 2016

Dear Source…I have been asked about the differences between being religious or spiritual. To me, the main difference is that spirituality is inclusive – every master teacher or God head or philosophy is of value and being religious is exclusive – only my God is the right God. Both spirituality and religion can overlap, both can control, both can create beliefs, both can inspire, both can create loving conscious awareness. Yet, there are differences: spirituality is mostly dogma-free; being spiritual encourages you to live in the present; you are in charge of your own inner journey; you discover ‘something more’ in your intuition, heart and soul experiences; you believe we are all connected, especially to Source; you empowering yourself; you live from a loving soul’s point of view that nothing is wrong or right, it is all good; you feel secure praying or meditating by yourself in nature or with a group. Being religious can mean: you believe in the dogma and dictates taught by your church; you agree to being told what to believe and why; you expect someone of authority to tell you about right and wrong; you feel secure as you enjoy the weekly prayer and worship with your congregation; you seek church approval and direction for life changes; your connection to God is through others; you agree to having others empower you; you believe in sin and live in fear for doing something wrong. I believe that both religion and or spirituality are to be equally honored – both are of high value to those seeking a way to be with their God. Whichever one chooses must not make the other wrong. There is no soul in that at all. Suzie

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