What happens when we die?

March 14, 2016


Dear Clare (soul) & Posey (ego)

What happens when we die?  Where do we go? What happens to our body and soul?


Clare – you are asking very rich questions! I will answer as your soul: dying is a natural continuation of life, releasing the body you currently inhabit while your soul and the essence of who you are remains intact. There are countless theories from spiritual and religious orientations, but the bottom line is that you and everybody are one with all, with everything. You are eternally connected to the origin of life itself. Upon this earthly passing, you return to and are the love constantly emanating from Source. This idea is hard for third dimensional humans (you and all on earth) to comprehend, but it is real. 


Where you go depends on your belief system at first then, you integrate back into soul life on the other side. Your soul lessons continue (like earth school only with more awareness) to open your essence to the brilliance of ultimate love, compassion and kindness.


Posey – these questions have been asked from the beginning of time and so far, there is no concrete answer nor proof of anything other than what is right in front of you here and now. Clare can talk about connecting to the oneness of love energy, but where is the reality? Who has experienced or seen this in action? A few enlightened beings perhaps, but not your neighbors. As you know, I am all for protecting you as a separate individual fighting for your specific space and wants. I have a hard time with the dying process in general because once the shell of the body dies, I go away as well.


As your ego, my job is to have you pay attention to your life right now, stay safe, let me guide you to security in this reality. One more thought – this oneness idea is confusing to me since it just does not make sense. As your ego, it scares me. I like you to feel and be separate.



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