May 5, 2016

Dear Source…I just love it when I discover the many creative ways people use their art, music, dance, words and expressions of all kind. It really makes my heart sing sending a vibrant signal that all is well in the world. I was told years ago I was creative and I said “no, not me, I don’t have a creative bone in my body.” Well, I was thinking very small, believing creativity had to do with singing. I was told at Midnight Mass to mouth the words as my enthusiasm with a lack of any musical ability got everyone off key. Our choir director was correct…I couldn’t then and still don’t carry a tune. I thought creativity had to do with art, which I deeply admire, but cannot draw any more than a rudimentary stick figure. I do not even care for the current craze of adult color books, as they do not make me relax rather, I am tense and uninterested in color combinations. I thought creativity had to do with dancing and my dancing follows my art – I love to watch those who move with subtle whimsical grace when my left feet or need to lead constantly get me in trouble. I thought creativity had to do with visual design. I love to be in a building or space in which the architect really understood how the inside and outside flow affects one’s sense of comfort. Being married to an architect, I deeply appreciate what goes on in his brain when he is designing…I can see his intuition, knowledge and style pore forth on paper, then see the results in reality. He is always so surprised that I have no sense of spatial relationships on the physical plane yet admire the results of excellent design. When I realized I am creative, it was a revelation. I use words, either written or spoken for my creative nature. It took me many years to understand that we are all creative. Some of us use our creativity in big ways with massive followings, some in generous ways with our family and friends, some just for themselves…Suzie

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