Sad, very sad

July 8, 2016


Dear Source…I am deeply sadden by the ongoing human state of anger and fear. I cannot watch the videos of people being killed or maimed for reasons unknown to us. Is it because someone looks different that the ingrained long held fear arises and takes over? Then retribution starts – the cruel idea of an eye for an eye – again ingrained fear and the intense need to retaliate for wrongs done to another. This type of behavior has been going on for all of mankind’s history. Yet, we do not learn that fear and anger, which we all carry within us, can be mitigated by awareness and agreement. Instead there continues to be reactive and appalling striking out to prove ego righteous. I cannot stand it, my heart and soul are so heavy and beyond sad. Is there hope for us as humans or are we destructive to the point of senseless extraordinary attacks? I just do not know. I do not know how to cope or how to help. Those who need help are those who live in such a pool of anger they can only see red fighting flags. How can anyone reach them to change their vision of life? Can we crack that unconscious egg of anger and birth another idea of forgiveness and allowing? Perhaps we can. If with conscious soulful awareness we can release our own fear and replace it with even a minute amount of forgiveness, kindness and love, perhaps, just perhaps a shift can occur…Suzie

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