Mom’s passing

August 24, 2016


Dear Source…Mom gratefully ascended into your realm this week. During the last month of her earth time, we vacillated between confusion, overwhelm, love and awareness. On a rare walk away from her care, I found three crow feathers, symbolizing the magic of life. And, mom lived her life believing in the mystery and magic of this earth and the beauty beyond. Happily, mom was not in any pain; she did not have any specific illness; she was old, worn out, tired and almost anxious to go. Before she passed she spoke fondly about joining her family and friends on the other side. We joked about whether there is a race between her passing and her old cat. We spoke of how to let go, and why.  Memories were refreshed and shared. She was content even as she spent most of her time in bed. Her old habit of reading countless books was gone, yet, she remained curious about what the
Divine adventure would be like and when it would happen. Every family member gave her kind permission to go – no one was holding on to her, which gave her great peace. A near death experience during a troubled birth showed her the love, warmth, beauty and mystery of the Divine. She had no fear of passing.  It was simply a waiting game until her time came and only the Source of all knew the exact finality. Our earthly job is to remain conscious of our deep inner beliefs that all is perfect as it is, let go, and allow the process to be. This is a big teaching for everyone, mom included.  There is no need for pity or sadness on anyone’s part. Mom knows we will grieve her, and we both know she is going to the most wonderful party every thrown!  When mom died, we were relieved and felt she had finally found the freedom she desired – she is up in the heavens, her heart is full and her spirit and soul are fulfilled…Suzie

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