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September 14, 2016


Dear Source…when starting the clean out process, it is best to be armed with strong coffee, an open mind and clarity of purpose. Every nook and cranny, every little or big box, every cabinet, every drawer, every surface of a house is filled with memories and odd surprises. But, they are memories only for a chosen few. I am cleaning out my mom’s house and luckily for me, I know the history of many of the pictures, objects de art, collectables, pictures, antiques, newspaper clippings (from years and years and years ago), furniture, earrings, costume and real jewelry, hats, shoes and clothes. There is no end to the fascination each object brings or eye rolling as I try to figure out why something was saved for me to discover. There is so much to delve into. Our garage is the end place of rest until family members come to pick up their chosen memories. My mind is utterly full with seeing and remembering events that happened years and years ago. And there are family photos of people I do not know and I cannot figure out who would know them. Mom was one of the last of her group of family and friends. Why oh why do we humans collect so much? What need/want does it fill? Mom admired and collected art, books, stylish jewelry and in an earlier day, beautiful shoes. She also tended to duplicate or even triplicate photos, her address book and notes on her studies in astrology and ancestry. With patience and a bit of confusion for her way of organizing, I am undoing all she created and either tossing (with sad regard) or redistributing. I hope mom approves. After this clean out, I will start on my stuff, which surprisingly is also way too much…Suzie

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