Passion and purpose

January 22, 2016

Dear Source…there is such an energetic high when one is living within the elegance of soul aligned passion and purpose. The richness of a shared moment with oneself or others translates into valued teachings that have the opportunity to influence or change life directions. Opening your heart to step into a place of passion or purpose, allows many events to come to bear… previously closed or unknown doors open, personal and business alignments happen with ease, a different flavor and flow of time occurs, everything feels strong, creative and full. This is your design, of course. We humans feel we are in control and can create the energy of purpose in a moment, but in reality, it takes a certain amount of time for us to mature, the right combination of alliances to come about while being willing to change, grow and develop. To find and follow our purpose, we need to drop into our soul, ask for and follow directions from the committee on high…ie, YOU and your helpers. We down here have to be willing to recognize our passion, follow the path when it is shown to us, be vigilant, be patient and most of all be celebratory in our passion.  Suzie…

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