January 28, 2016

Dear Source…breaking the barriers of fierce independence and moving to compassion for oneself can be frightening for the ego. We all like to believe we are in control of our destiny; we are strong and more than capable; we know what is best for us; we will get over it; buck up and move along. Yet when help is needed (due to an emergency) it is imperative to call on your village, your peeps and your besties. Self-compassion suddenly overrides pride. It becomes time to let your ego guard down and allow your soul to open to ask others for help. The surprising thing is that people will happily come to help when asked, but they need to be asked. The asking may be hard, very hard. Stubbornness, resistance to reality, feeling like no one else can do it like you do (whatever it is), feeling unloved or not deserving all stand in the way. The soul prefers you to ask for help rather than suffer. This is a soul lesson in compassion and love for self. Suzie…

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