A nudge

February 10, 2017


Dear Source…Intuition is one of our most useful inner friends. Listening to those quiet, floating or whispered nudges from spirit takes interest, the belief intuition is real and practice. When a spirit nudge is heard or felt, it’s time to take action. Following the intuitive thread can lead you to a better business or relationship solutions, ease in life or even a new invention. Take time to write or note what you have seen or heard, and thank your helpers for the nudge. The problem comes when one’s listening field is over crowded. Taking in too much outer stimulation slows or can even stop intuitive impulses from entering the imagination. Letting loud, divisive, sad situations based in fear and distrust get into our heads blocks the ability to hear. When you find yourself overwhelmed with too much information, go outside, listen to the birds, take a walk, meditate, move your body so you can switch the analytical left-brain back to the freer creative right. Find your heart center where love and compassion is larger than fear. Isn’t it time for us to hear what our spiritual guidance has to say to us?….Suzie

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