May 5, 2017


Dear Source…it is disingenuous to try to understand the sad state of our nation when the parties are trying to outdo each other and sticking to party platforms is of highest priority. I felt powerless until I wrote and mailed a letter to my representative (or really non-rep) expressing my sadness at his lack of consciousness.  Of course it is not just him, but 218 other representatives who were convinced that changing one health care plan for another with their name on it was a better deal for all. Well, everyone except those excluded which could be you or me or your neighbor or your mom or your college kid or your mentally ill friend or your very sick poor cousin or your older uncle on Medicare. Yikes is all I can say…heavy heartedness and confusion for our country is what I feel. Can we somehow return power to a whole rather than few privileged people? Can we get greed out of corporations and streamline health for all? I know these thoughts are Pollyannaish at best, and I also know there are smart clever people out there working for good change. I am just a small voice in the wilderness. With the movements for change happening around our country, perhaps we can be a larger voice of reason, aware connectedness and even peaceful co-existence? Maybe you like me can regain your sense of powerlessness with simple actions – letters, postcards, emails, texts – anything to let the power structure know they have hit a wrong and damaging cord…Suzie

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