Who me grounded?

July 20, 2017


Dear Source…the last few days have been overly busy. My husband continues to heal, which is excellent news, my book, The Pink Door was published, more excellent news and some repair projects on our house are happening…all good, all happy events. Yesterday, I tripped and fell hard on my hip. I did not fracture it, but did a solid job of bruising it making walking painful. A trip to my healer Chiropractor put my leg and hip in order. Why did I trip? When I check in with my thoughts, I realized I was fully in the ego future rather than the soul present. The mail was delivered and I rushed out presuming my new business cards would be in the box. That’s when I hit the ground, hard.  The mailbox was empty (they came today with no fanfare!). I limped painfully back to the house and went to bed, very sore and suddenly exhausted. I had been doing too much, carrying too many torches. I needed rest. My lesson about being grounded was brought front and center in the form of an injury reminding me to stay in the present! All things happen at the right and perfect time. I do not need to control this moment and especially the dubious future – that is ego driven. Now, I will breath deeply, lay down quietly and enjoy a moment to hear my soul needs….Suzie


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