When nervous energy overtakes you

October 10, 2017

 Dear Source…In our area, there have been many friends who passed too young and now, fires are active in many locales, plus countless national and international tragedies. How do we settle our nervous energy and stress to cope? We may offer a pasture for horses, bedrooms for friends, TP, toys or food for shelters, money to support organizations along with endless prayers and kind thoughts. But, still, there is an undercurrent of “too much, too soon”. We feel overwhelmed with our sadness and confusion. The energy is jangled, crazed, and off center.


What can you do to even out the nervousness accompanying death, natural disasters, and man created sadness? Breathe and then, deep breathe into your belly again and again – making deep breathing a conscious habit. Ground yourself by going for a walk or simply getting up from your desk and changing locales for a short time. Find an activity to take your mind off the news accounts, or your personal stress and allow your left analytical brain to relax. This can be accomplished by going to the gym, or for a walk or having quiet tea with a friend or meditating for five minutes. I raked and swept the wind driven mess left behind the crazed winds. Allow your right creative brain to get deeper into fostering compassion and kindness. Some situations you cannot change, some will straighten out by themselves and some need to be exploded to find a different future. You will not know what the need for change is or why something is happening to you or your best friend. Most likely you cannot change the circumstances around you. However, if you can step back and take a breath, you might be able to calm your nerves…Suzie 

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