Of an age

January 25, 2018


Dear Source…perhaps it is because I am ‘of an age’, that nearly every conversation I am having with friends and acquaintances begins with: “when do we start to consolidate; where do we go once we have only what is needed for our household; how do we even consider this big change for our next act”? It seems endemic that our society has too much of everything from a house too big to three or four sets of dishes, to books, sports toys, to a closet overflowing with items which never see the light of day. We are stuff collectors and at some point, someone (perhaps our children, perhaps not) will need to be masters of disposal. Or, we can start the process ourselves while we are aware of the need to put our unused into a box for the thrift shop. Certainly someone else will love/need/want them besides us. We have a choice: let our items collect more dust or start the process of right sizing. For me, it is a daily process, many trips to a variety of thrift stores, other items tossed in the trash, the remaining, which I need will stay with me. It is a process and my answer to my friends is just start – one box or shelf at a time. Just start and with patience or need the cleaning out process will unfold…Suzie

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