February 12, 2018


Dear Source….it has been a rough two weeks of forbearance with the ugly flu and complete lack of energy. I use the word forbearance since it popped into my head as I started to turn the corner towards health. During my time on the couch, I had to give up any idea of eating, moving, thinking or doing. I could just lie there with no agenda except the vague idea of getting better. This flu is one of endurance and patience. If I got up feeling energized, it lasted for a few minutes to a few hours, then back to Netflix, the only media I could tolerate. My brain could not hold a sentence from a book or magazine. The idea of a shower was heaven mixed with a bit of hell just to accomplish something so simple. Finally after a morning of tears, I went to the doc and found out I did have the flu and was dehydrated. An hour of fluid drip helped me feel somewhat human again. The pills did not help, so I took the road to forbearance just waiting it out with a touch of quiet waiting. I know many are suffering and I tried to send compassion to them but my ability to even pray was hampered. I have now crossed the bridge to health (fingers crossed) and send love and temperance to all who are dealing with the flu or other dreaded health issues... Suzie



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