Are You Intuitive?

March 13, 2018


The simple answer is yes—we are all intuitive, yet some people do not understand this natural part of them. Others are more attuned to their intuitive nature and use it for ease in life. I am one of those.


I pay deep attention to that little voice inside guiding me when to call a friend; when to start dinner even though no one is home; how or what to cook; what to wear for the day; which direction to follow when driving; who to engage with at a party; who to distance myself from; or write an article such as this.


I continue developing my intuitive skills every day. I recognize the value of listening to my creative right brain rather than only logic from my left-brain. Intuition is a way of knowing something without consulting logic. For instance, the first millisecond I saw my now husband, I knew I would marry him. That was many years ago!


If you are curious about tuning into your intuition, take a look at these four elements of the Intuitive Process:


Knowing You Have Intuition…


Intuition is an innate human ability—we all have it, some stronger than others. It is associated with the creative right brain, while your left-brain is interested in facts and logic. An intuitive thought will come to you via: voice, smell, vibrations, taste, feelings, pictures, knowingness and dreams. Intuition is called aha moments, hunches, gut feelings, direct knowing, perceptions, insights, a light bulb moment and women’s intuition.


Pay Attention and Listening Intently...


To hear your intuitive self, your mind and spirit must be open and receptive. Figure our your way to quiet your mind to listen. Start with mindful breathing, which triggers your body’s relaxation response. Learn how you get quiet — do you like to garden, meditate, practice yoga, walk, paint, dance, sing, create new projects or write? Then, tune in to your quiet spot, pay attention and practice, practice, practice!


Check It Out…


This is the moment to reflect on the intuitive information you have received and TRUST the process. Consciously, ask your logical mind to kindly take a break. Your very active analytical left-brain wants to put the brakes on your creative intuitive ideas. If you find yourself in the fear arena (distrust, constriction, anger, worry +) you are automatically and effectively blocking your intuitive processing, which lives in the love arena (acceptance, respect, joy, hope +). Your ego personality will WANT something while your inner spiritual essence may indicate you NEED something different. If you want something out of desperation or are emotionally invested in the outcome that will outweigh your needs. Trust the process but watch for wants verses needs.


Follow Through with Gratitude…


A heartfelt moment of gratitude is a very important key to continue to open and use your intuition. You are being given the green light to do more, to go forward, to be open to change. The Universe loves a big, grateful heartfelt thank you. They really, really do and when you are deeply and truly grateful, you will be rewarded with more moments of clarity and insight.


To start opening your intuitive side, ask a yes or no question. Remember your first nanosecond thought and write it down. This is your intuitive voice speaking to you. Be aware—shortly after you hear your first response, your logic will come in and try to talk you out of it.


Uncovering the wisdom of intuition takes time, trust and practice. If you are interested in living with more ease, intuition may be the ticket. Soon, intuition will be as second nature to you as mine is to me!






































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