June 19, 2018


There is something alluring about people who have a positive approach to life. They tend to smile more, be robust in living, find joy in odd places and look at the sunny side rather than the dark side of life. Positive Polly (Pollyanna) sees the bright and good in everyone and can light up a room with her sparkling energy. Then, there is Debbie Downer, fictionalized by a Saturday Night Live character, who always has something depressing and negative to say, changing the mood of a happy group in an instant. What do you do when you find yourself in room with Debbie? Be like Polly and turn on your light! Let your positive energy and love be seen and experienced. Light outshines dark, especially when intention and good is the focused outcome. 


I believe like attracts like. If you are a positive silver lining type of person, you probably attract good ju-ju energy and experiences. Likewise, if you think and act with negative thinking patterns, those thoughts will sow more of the same. 


In every moment, you have a choice in what to believe, how to act or react to life. When you drop down into negative space, as we all do whether we are Polly’s or Debbie’s, you have the choice to dwell in the dark or spark your inner light. Becoming conscious of your choices allows a switch to occur. If you find yourself in the dreaded fog of succumbing to ‘woe is me’ thoughts, listen to your mind. Ask yourself “is it true that nothing good is happening to me?” Perhaps you are simply reacting to old thought patterns. If so, know you have the power and choice to switch from negative to positive, from darkness to light, from victim to creator and from fear to love. 


I can be a worrier, letting my mind zoom into corners it need not go, yet I am also a positive person, believing my best life experience is unfolding. My inner guidance seeks uplifting experiences, which I reflect to the outer world. A seemingly simple asking and receiving of a parking spot in a crowded town reaffirms my belief system that something or someone with wide view intelligence, love and heart is looking after me. 


Love with all it’s attributes is what we are here on earth to experience. A positive person emanates love, kindness, compassion, trust, open-mindedness, friendship, honor, and wonderment. They exhibit a peaceful, easy approach to life, have the ability to change their mind without angst and will help when needed. They are not complainers or victims since they seek ways to make things work or believe everything is fine as it is.


As I look at life through my unicorn rose-colored glasses, I believe that things happen for the right and perfect reason. Yet, like all who question life, I cannot not comprehend why bad things happen and why suffering is part and parcel of our human life. But, it is and I prefer to understand that suffering helps for heart and soul teachings as we return to what life is all about: the positive essence of love.


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