Keys to a magical holiday

December 24, 2018


Oh me oh my, here we are in the midst of the holidays! Each year it seems a different holiday perspective presents itself. Some years are fully planned and executed and some are on the fly. This year, we are in the midst of moving from one state to another and I have not yet settled into the season. Instead of shopping for gifts, we will revel in the big adventure of living in a new state close to our adult kids. That is the biggest gift we can give our family. I hope to find my decorations and make our new house sparkly with festive lights and wonder.


Holidays can be filled with love, kindness, memories or sadness, grief and stress. Since there is no perfect way to celebrate the season the most we can do is be kind to ourselves, and others. If you need some holiday hints, consider these ways to create your style of festive magic:


Tranquility– If you like me, tend to run on excess energy, find a quiet place to practice deep breathing for a few minutes each day. With your hand over your heart, close your eyes and listen to your in and out breath. Your mind may wander to your ‘to do’ list, if so, returning to your breath helps to be tranquil in midst of holiday chaos. 


Gratitude– Practicing gratitude and appreciation switches brain waves from anxiety to calm. When cooking, put loving energy into the food. When shopping for a specific gift, put a spin of gratitude in your heart as you look around with a particular name in your mind. Suddenly, just what you are looking for appears. Follow with a smile and thank you to the Universe.


Traditions– Start a new tradition! Do a silly gift exchange with a $5 limit to bring laughter and love to the table. Have family and friends share what they were most thankful for in the current year and say a meaningful word to live by in the New Year. Record the words to remind everyone of their 2019 guiding words.


Shopping/Gifts–If mall shopping is too loud and busy for you, gravitate to mom and pop, locally owned stores for unique presents. Give to a charity of choice or attempt to make gifts! Experiment with how you wish to give and receive. Surprises abound!


Memories- Recount a special anecdote of a family member or friend who has passed. Include them in your holiday celebrations with memorable silly or sad stories. They are with you as you honor, feel and savor their love.


The holidays can be a time of sharing, laughter perhaps sprinkled with sadness. When opening your heart and soul to gratitude, kindness, love and moments of true human connections, the magic of the moment is real. May your holiday be soulful, filled with ease and sweetly mystical! 


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