The Power of Letting Go

July 10, 2019



The concept of letting go seems so simple. Just let whatever is bothering you float away on a strong clear current towards the sea or on a gust of warm wind. Yet, it is not simple, nor easy to let go and replace worries with emptiness or a fresh thought. I find the more I let go of: expectations; worry; the need to be right; concern for myself and others; future potentials; a desired specific outcome to an issue; or any bothersome niggling thought, the easier and more fluid life is.


But, letting go is a hard concept to swallow when most of our lives we have worked to garner control by creating and organizing life as we see fit. We feel we know what is best by our forced left-brain decisions. However, the Universe in all it’s wisdom may have a different/better idea for which road to take; making decisions of any kind; the timing to gently and gracefully let go of any expectations and the moment for change.


When my mom was in her final weeks of life, she thought with her head and felt with her heart that it was time to go. She asked her angels “take me tonight, I am ready.” However, she was not ready even when she demanded to pass. She was only ready when she finalized four important steps completing her good life: she declared her love to all and received love back; she forgave herself and others for whatever transgressions occurred; she had loving permission to pass from her family, and her request to die with dignity in the right time was honored. With this energy tucked around her, she was finally and completely able to let go and transition in peace and sweet harmony. Her example helps me to remember that letting go is a path. With conscious awareness letting go leads to less resistance, softening and more ease in life.

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